Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sometimes it's ok...

Sometimes in life it's ok.... google conversions.
 (83.3 if you're wondering) use an abnormal amount of hand gestures in a conversation. miss home...
     ...while completely falling in love with a different kind of home. hop on the back of a random moto to ride to the market. have a photo shoot just because you are precious. take a nap in the middle of the day. share a plate. have no idea what is being said in 90% of the conversation.

...(& affordable) to have a custom made outfit. be constantly amazed at the life that the Lord has given me. 
 (the view on our morning runs)

Last Sunday we heard a talk about the Son-how He came with a radical view that tore a belief system apart, only to reconstruct it into what it was always meant to be. To love how He loves. To serve how He serves. To truly live out your relationship with Him.  This is how I feel about every experience here in Africa. I feel as if the Father is tearing down my pre-conceived notions about how life should go. From little things (like never riding on the back of a street bike with a stranger) to major things (like having to depend on Him in a completely new way), He is showing me how much I have to learn.  And while that is terrifying at times, it brings me continuous joy to know that He is growing me and stretching me into who He would have me be. While I'm experiencing many new things, He is strengthening the desire that He has placed in my heart. Life is crazy, y'all, but I am so happy He pushes us out of our comfort zones.


  1. ...your adventure continues...thanks for the update. We're leaving today (Thursday) to spend a long weekend with your folks, we're looking forward to it. Have a wonder day. Love ya, Mrs Sue

  2. This is really beautiful Jourdan! Thanks for letting me be a part of reading about your adventure!! love Katie