Friday, August 31, 2012

Life Lately

So many changes have taken place in my life lately, and so many more are surfacing within the next month. Changes that I'm so excited about, changes I'm nervous about, changes that I seriously can not wait to happen. This is just a little place that I can share stories that happen during these changes. Hopefully these stories find a way to entertain you because my life is anything but boring right now.

I have less than three weeks left in Virginia before the real journey starts. The time here has been such a sweet time where I have made friendships that are like no other. Here is a little glimpse of life here.

I've learned a little history. 

 (Here's the pink in the hair, Mom. I think Abe approves)

This is the girl who keeps me in check. Thank the Father for her. 

During my stay here, I live in a quad. Other people who are going to Africa are my neighbors. Such a sweet group of people. One night we had a chance to cook a meal from scratch. This was seriously one of the best nights. The food and the company were some of the best ever. 

 This is me, obviously. However, if you see what I'm doing here, you may have some doubts. I am really kneading dough to cook pizza from scratch. Watch out, Paula Deen. After 2 years, I'll be coming back to America a pro. 

Obviously my job wasn't that hard, though, because a 2 year old is doing it. Such a great help!

 The finished product. Yum, right?
 We also made salsa, salad dressing, and brownies...all from scratch. Guys, I should have been cooking like this much earlier in life. Late bloomer. 

Most importantly, I have gained a family. All of my Sub-Saharan Africa ladies after a night of celebration for surviving thus far. 
(I think we just use any excuse for ice cream. Better get it now, right?)

Although it looks like it's all play here, I promise we work..hard! Days are packed, and assignments are to be done, but I am so thankful for the chance to learn and prepare as I start this new chapter of my life. A little more than a month, y'all. A little more than a month and my address will be in Africa. Holy Smokes. Can you believe that?