Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simple kind of LIfe

For the next part of our training we traveled to a little town in the northern part of Ghana. We were able to see how the people live in the more rural parts of Africa. We were also able to experience many new things, such as....

meeting a king-
 The man with the golden rod in his hand was for "crowd control", the man sitting in the blue striped shirt was there to tell the king what we were saying, and the man you can't really see is the king. Someone pointed out the goodness of our Father. For an earthly king we had to go through someone to talk to him, but for the King of Kings, we are able to have a direct relationship with Him.

We even received a couple of gifts from the King..both of which we ate a couple days later. 

hunting for crocodiles-

 Our "fearless" leaders.

Such fun little tour guides.

learning how to make food from scratch-

We were thinking of going into a custom tortilla making business..think it'll work?

A couple of us also got the opportunity to share the story of love to women who lived in a witch's camp. These are women who have been accused of witchcraft, so they are taken from their family's homes and forced to live in this small section of town. The women were sweet and very attentive to the stories we shared with them. 

In the rural setting we saw more of the traditional beliefs, and the people were more open to talking about certain things. The pace of life is completely different than anything I'm accustomed to, but I found that I enjoyed the rural setting more so than the city. As much as I loved the people that I met in the first part of our training, I really enjoyed the smaller villages.  

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