Tuesday, January 28, 2014

an open invitation.

I hear America is cold this year. Frigid. Icy. All things terrible. So, let's remedy this, shall we? You all pack up. Head to the nearest airport. Pray runways aren't iced over. Hop on that plane. Fly over that pond, and come spend some time in the sun with me. Sounds good, yeah?

Ok, now that we've established the fact you all are coming to visit, let's talk about one thing we would for sure have to do: 
Sunday Market.

Not that this market is knock your socks off great. Not that you can buy so many neat hand made items to take back and share with your friends from that one time you went to Africa. But, you could see culture up close and personal. You can banter back and forth with the sellers. See the ladies sitting around their huge bags of "stuff." Sift through piles of clothing. And, the fabric, y'all. You. Could. Look. Through. The. Fabric. Not that I even have to justify this, but seriously. Where else can you go, pick out fabric, head to the tailor, design an outfit with him, and pick it up in 2 days..all under twenty dollars? Also, if you're real nice, my tailor may even name your design after you. Because he's just that great. 

Coffee & basket for the market. All set to go!

Yes, ma'am. I did bring my coffee on a horse cart.

That fabric. Be still, my heart.

 Of course, there would also be the numerous conversations shared over my kitchen table and a pot of coffee. We'd head over to a friends house and help prepare their lunch meal, then sit around the bowl and savor every bite of it. We'd laugh, like old friends do, while trying to share in the dances with women twice our age. I would show you around, and you would catch me up on your life.

It would be one heck of a visit, no?