Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life in the Ouag

For the past month I have had the pleasure of traipsing around West Africa, staying the night in places I couldn't even begin to pronounce, and seeing what this whole "life in Africa" thing is all about. Y'all, life is about to get crazy.

We started the month out doing urban training. As soon as I arrived in the city I feasted on cheeseburgers, french fries, get the picture. Then, things got real. 

This is a meal that I'm a pro at eating now. However, it was not pretty at first. The white stuff has a variety of names, but it's basically just water and some type of cornmeal. Don't let the spoons deceive eat with your hands. It's covered in chicken soaked in a peanut sauce. 


Speaking of eating with your hands, this is our translator and some of her friends that we ate with one Sunday. I asked the guys how you should eat the meal. They told me you eat with your hands, so I dug in. A couple minutes later I look over, and these jokers are eating with utensils. As you can see, I quickly made them switch to their hands.

This sweet child was such a little boy. He kept us laughing, and by the end of our 2 weeks there he was my little "nephew."

Our job during the day was to go out and ask questions about life, and try to understand the community a little better. Our afternoons were filled with debriefing and learning in a classroom setting.

Even though we were going out and asking about their culture, it was super easy to get into conversations about the Word and sharing stories with them. We had great conversations and met some wonderful people.

I also learned various other things...such as:
paved roads are a luxury, not a necessity. (also smooth dirt roads=luxury)
cold showers are actually preferred.
you never ever want the electricity to go out at while you try to sleep.
and...every culture should have a siesta. Praise Him for placing me in a culture that does.

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