Tuesday, February 4, 2014


"Get up! Get up! The greatest event of 2005 is about to happen! Dress warm and go hop in the car!" 

December 2005, and my desire to sleep in over Christmas break was quickly extinguished as my crazed mother woke me from a beautiful sleep yelling the above phrase, banging on pots and pans. A logical person would stop here and ask questions. However, being 17 and groggy from sleep, questions evaded me as I quickly dressed and joined my dad, brother and cousin already sitting in the car. Mom is laughing to herself in the driver's seat. Dad is sitting  in the passenger's seat, looking just as confused as I felt. This was not a good combination.
The conversation started:  "What in the world is going on?" "Donna, I have work in an hour." "Mom, I have basketball practice today." "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" 

Mom would just laugh, "I have it all under control." 

Now, the end of 2005 was a time full of heartbreak for our family. Events happened that rocked our world, and during this car ride we really thought these events affected my mom more than we knew.

"She's gone crazy." I whispered. The whole time she just laughed. This went on for AN HOUR, y'all! Finally, we had to stop for gas. As my dad reached to give my mom her wallet he found my brother's Christmas present hidden under the front seat. The trunk was opened, and we found new luggage-all packed with new ski clothes for everyone in our family.

It turns out she wasn't crazy, she just pulled off something no one could have guessed. She had called to get my dad off work, get me out of basketball practice, and had planned a week long ski trip to Colorado. Because of all the hurt 2005 brought, this was a much needed time of escape and healing for my whole family. And my mom had planned it all, without help. This is just who she is, and just one example of how she made so many things in my life special. I am so thankful to have grown up under her leadership and care. 

When she became a wife, she became a mother to around 15 boys living in a children's home. This shows her strength.

When she was in a car wreck and told she'd have trouble walking again, much less running, she ran a 10k. This shows her determination.

She has spent numerous hours decorating other people's weddings/parties/houses, all without pay. This shows her heart of service.

I have seen her love through my trials, I have seen her faith through her trials, and I have seen the way she truly cares for others through the numerous people she invites into her home. I am so thankful for the lessons she has taught me, and for the way she still teaches me, though an ocean separates us. 

Happy birthday, Mom. Hope you are celebrated well today. You definitely deserve it.


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I'm sure she is just as blessed to have you as her daughter.

  2. What a beautiful tribute Jourdan. It made me cry as I am sure it did your Mom.