Friday, October 5, 2012

The New Home

I'm Here!!!

I am currently sitting in the living at my new home, trying to navigate around a website in French, with a hear that is full after an amazing day in this new country. 

In the past couple of weeks my life has gone through so many changes. 

1. I had to say see you later to amazing people who i trained/lived/laughed with for 2 months

2. I had the chance to say a quick hello, then goodbye again, to family and friends in the 3 places I have been lucky enough to call home the past couple of years. 

3. I finally got to say hello to my new home!!
The market in our city
We arrived in our country yesterday morning around 5 a.m. Once here, we drove about an hour and half to the city we will be calling home for the next couple of months. We also got the chance to meet our supervisor and other co-workers. Yesterday, we got accustomed to our new home and went to bed pretty early. We didn't sleep on the flight or all day yesterday, so we were pretty tired.

Today has been full of seeing more of the city, visiting the market, drinking tea with a local friend...and our first language lesson! I had so much fun learning a few key phrases in one of the languages we will be speaking in the city. This will not be the main language we speak in our village, but it is the main language in the city. Our teacher was great, and even gave us new names, Rama (Rebekah, my partner) and my new name is Abi. 

 Tea in the courtyard. 
Rebekah learning how to make tea. 
Tonight was filled with cooking dinner and a movie. Trying to figure out how to cook something that is not from a box is kind of challenging for us, but we're surviving! Now it's off to relax for the rest of the night. Can't wait to share more of this adventure with you all!


  1. What an exciting adventure. We will be thinking of you often.